Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 5 Pop Lines That Will Break My Bank Account in 2015

Christmas is over and while I didn't actually receive that many toys (except for my gift exchange with Christina Articulates and her husband) I still have a ton of things to share with you in the upcoming weeks...but not today. With holiday craziness, family gathers, and visiting friends I haven't had much time to take pictures. Instead, I'm announcing my New Year's Resolution!

It's simple. My resolution is to make this blog bigger and better and actually update! I'm making a commitment. Done and done. And if I haven't posted in a while, feel free to yell at me over on Twitter.

It shouldn't be too hard to keep on track. By now, everyone is aware of my crippling Pop! problem and next year looks to be a disaster waiting to happen. As a New Year's treat, today I'm looking at... 

The Top 5 Pop! Lines that will break my bank account in 2015

5. X-men

The announcement of new X-men Pop! Vinyls had me cackling with nerd joy. I wasn't impressed with the original line. The Wolverine figure was...well...boring. I bought Beast because he's my favourite but never got around to picking up Jean. It was a really weird assortment. There was really no rhyme or reason to the characters they chose to release. This wave has fixed that problem. The wave was announced as "Classic X-men" and includes Professor X, Magneto, Cyclops, Mystique, Storm and Colossus. Although I'd say they're more "90's Favourites" than "Classic" I still need them all. The costumes are iconic, the colours are great and the character choices make me unbelievably happy. I hope they do well. There are dozens of other X-universe characters I'd love to have on my shelf. This line would have been higher on the list but I've already bought three of them so...

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror makes me think of my university days, Halloweens watching a shadow cast, and some of my favourite memories with friends. Funko's acquisition of this license was announced at Comic Con but we still haven't heard anything about they're plans. Hopefully 2015 will bring us vinyl Franks and Magentas. Is hoping for floor show variants too much?

3. Game of Thrones

I've been good with the Game of Thrones Pops. I've set ground rules. No duplicate characters and no animals. I don't need Dany in 4 different outfits and I can live without all the direwolves. Collectors need guideline, or else things can get crazy. Funko is trying to make me break my rules. When this series was announced the promotional art showed these 5 character (Sam, Sansa, Littlefinger, Dany, & Jon). Perfect! I don't have to buy two of them! Little did I know there would be a switch. When the character designs were revealed Sansa, went from her normal costume to her Alayne Stone disguise. It's a beautiful sculpt based of the dress she wore in season 4. I want it. But then where does my rule stand? I will have to buy the original Sansa, whenever she's released. What arbitrary rule will have to create then?  Will everything turn to chaos? I'm sure this was Littlefinger's doing.

2. Hannibal

I'm as surprised as you are that these aren't #1. I've been coveting them since their announcement. I will buy them all. Embrace the madness? Done. Break my no double rule? Done. No question. Just please, don't cancel this show and make me more merchandise. Can we get a second series of these, perhaps with the girls? And while you're listening, oh Hannibal powers that be, can I be an extra in the show? You don't have to pay me! (much). I could be a dead body. A passerby? A tree?!

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Are you surprised that Star Trek made the top when most of my blog is X-men and Game of Thrones? I am too. I don't have much Star Trek merch. I don't even own all the seasons. So why did thy climb to the top? Simple really. There are 8 of them and most of the others lines are releasing 6. TNG is my Trek of choice and I can't have Troi without Riker and Worf, Data without Geordi. Picard is a must. Locutus is awesome. The second Klingon could be skipped...but he has at Bat'leth! Since I spelled that correctly without looking it up, I should have one, right? Resistance is futile.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

What toys are you looking forward to in 2015? What ridiculous collecting rules have you created to keep yourself in check? What are your toy influences resolutions? 

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