Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays: Custom Family Bobble-heads!

Back in February, I mused about how the likelihood of having an action figure of myself was slim to none. Apparently I was wrong! This year my aunt and uncle decided to surprise my family with custom bobble-heads from They (quite suspiciously) had us each send them pictures of ourselves and although my brother figured out the surprise, the results were hilarious and amazing.

 Behold, the Nagel Family!

The company uses the photos to sculpt custom heads for each figure. You can then choose whether to use a pre-made body or have one built. These are all pre-made but as you can see there's a wide variety of clothing and poses. The clothing is molded and painted with realistic creases, zippers, and buttons. Add-ons like the Harley Davidson logo cost extra but if you know my dad, it was well worth it. You can also see that the bodies come in different heights. If you're having more than one made and accuracy is important to you, you might want to mention that during the review process. Olivia's definitely not the tallest of us, but we're just going to blame it on the heels!

As nice as the bodies are, these figures are all about the faces. Let's take a closer look at mine.
This picture was used as the basis of my bobble-head...

And here's the finished product!

What do you think? It's really difficult staring at a replica of yourself and not begin to pick it apart. Does my nose really look like that? What about my chin? My hair? I love the way they captured the grin and the colours they chose for my eyes. My absolute favourite feature is the dimple on my cheek. It's an adorable little detail and I love it. They chose a subtle lip colour that works really well. They decided on a rosy pink complexion, and although in real life I'm quite a bit paler. I'm happy doll me is able to tan.

I think the profile is pretty cute (is that being conceited?) and the outfit is something I would probably wear. I like the variety of paint colours and molding of the hair. It looks great from the front and the back but looks a little wonky from the side. By necessity, it flairs out around the shoulders to allow for the head to actually bobble. Her feet are attached to a plain grey base with my name printed on the front. The other figures have bases with foam feet and placard name-tags, which are a little more stable. She stands up fine but there's a bit of a wobble, which may have been a factor in her Christmas party accident. Jill decided to jump off of the side table and broke a few toes. 

Surprisingly, she didn't fully come off of the base and dad rectified the situation with some superglue. 

The others are just as detailed and I think capture my family quit well.
We have...

My Dad 

My Mom

My Brother

 and my brother's girlfriend, Olivia.

Well, there you have it. The Nagel family in doll form. I think the company did an amazing job and was surprised to learn that it only took a few weeks for these to be made. They're beautifully detailed, and were a great holiday surprise. 

Now here's the question...which looks more like me, Jill the bobble-head or Amy Farrah Fowler?

Happy Holidays!

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