Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 5 Pop Lines That Will Break My Bank Account in 2015

Christmas is over and while I didn't actually receive that many toys (except for my gift exchange with Christina Articulates and her husband) I still have a ton of things to share with you in the upcoming weeks...but not today. With holiday craziness, family gathers, and visiting friends I haven't had much time to take pictures. Instead, I'm announcing my New Year's Resolution!

It's simple. My resolution is to make this blog bigger and better and actually update! I'm making a commitment. Done and done. And if I haven't posted in a while, feel free to yell at me over on Twitter.

It shouldn't be too hard to keep on track. By now, everyone is aware of my crippling Pop! problem and next year looks to be a disaster waiting to happen. As a New Year's treat, today I'm looking at... 

The Top 5 Pop! Lines that will break my bank account in 2015

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays: Custom Family Bobble-heads!

Back in February, I mused about how the likelihood of having an action figure of myself was slim to none. Apparently I was wrong! This year my aunt and uncle decided to surprise my family with custom bobble-heads from They (quite suspiciously) had us each send them pictures of ourselves and although my brother figured out the surprise, the results were hilarious and amazing.

 Behold, the Nagel Family!