Monday, April 6, 2015

Will Graham (Hannibal) Funko Pop

Poor Will. He just can't catch a break. In the show, Will Graham is played by the delightful Hugh Dancy and in the second season finds himself arrested for the cannibalistic murders committed by Hannibal Lecter. As a wonderful homage to Silence of the Lambs, Will is transported in a mask and straight-jacket, similarly to the iconic image of Anthony Hopkins.

It was a hard to decide between regular Will Graham and the incarcerated Will Graham figures. I'll probably buy the other at some point in the future, but for now I'm keeping to my "one version of a character" rule. Ultimately, it came down to paint and detailing. Like Hannibal, there isn't very much that sets Will apart in terms of accessories. He's just a guy, usually in plaid shirt of some sort, who sometimes holds a gun (or a puppy), and while the regular version is cute, the details of the mask ultimately won out.

I was surprised how well the mask was sculpted. It is molded into the hair, not around it and was given buckles on the top, back and on both sides. The plastic face-mask has air holes reminiscent of Hannibal's jail cell, and the clear vinyl gives us a view of Will's stubble underneath.The slightly olive shade of green is a great contrast to Will's auburn/brown hair and the gold fasteners are a nice touch. 

The sculpt of the straight-jacket is also well done. His arms are crossed and tied by two straps across his back. The pleating is detailed and the buckles are painted a similar gold. The pants and shoes are quite basic but that's not very surprising. All in all, this pop had most of the makings to be a really great figure--until he was painted.

I know I harp on Funko's paint problems a lot, but this one is really disappointing. Let's start with his head. The colour choices were good. Pale skin and the dark hair make sense, but the quality just isn't there. The hairline bleeds onto the skin around the entirety of that head. The paint doesn't quite touch the lines of the straps and leaves it looking a little unfinished. Other figures with similar skin and hair tones (Sansa Stark in particular) seem to have this problem as well. Is there something wrong with that paint? There are also blobs of green on the clear plastic, a few smudges on the straps, and a few sections missing from his beard.

The rest of his outfit looks like an afterthought. The only paint used on the straight jacket is on the gold buckles, which are slightly off center. The pants are painted so lightly you can see streaks and it doesn't even touch the edges. Perhaps if they'd kept to a darker colour (like in the promo picture) this wouldn't be an issue.

I still really enjoy this figure, but can't help think there wasn't as much thought put into him as some of the others. Th new Guardians of the Galaxy figures have amazing paint jobs with bright colours and fantastic details. Poor will can't even get a decent pair of pants.

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  1. This figure is such a mix of creepy and cute! That stinks about the poor paint job, though. Maybe you can do a repaint?