Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thor (Reborn) & Lady Loki Minimate

I'm finally back! After a few months in a slump I've decided to dive back into blogging, and what's better to get me out of the dumps than taking a look at some great toys? He's the god of thunder. He's She's a trickster. What do they have in common? They're two of the most detailed minimates I've ever seen in my life. Today, I'm reviewing Thor (Reborn) & Lady Loki.

Thor & Lady Loki

When it comes to design, it's hard to top the Thor minimates. I already gushed about the Loki & Heimdall: Thor The Dark World figures and these might just top them. They were released in wave 33 (2010) along with a mishmash of other seemingly unrelated characters (Rachel Summers, Anti-Venom) and while I did end up purchasing the Rachel Grey/Summers packs, Thor and Loki are the standouts.

There's nothing simple about this Thor. He's fully detailed from his helmet to his boots (which are on backwards in these pictures for balance purposes). The standard minimate body is almost unrecognizable under the vest/cape combination, creating a bulkier/more muscular shape. The dark blue pops with the great metallic clasps and bobbles in typical Thor style. Belts wrap around his waist and across his chest. Each are superbly painted and each buckle and clasp are identified and highlighted. His boots and cuffs are painted in the same blue while his arms and legs are a bright silver. The gridded armor pattern is intricate and creates a great visual. The cape sculpt is similar to others but is attached to vest/armor piece. The bright red paint is perfectly Thor and the sculpted folds give the illusion of fabric pooling down his back. Every time I look at him I see something new. He's an amazing minimate.

Thor minimate front

And yet, Lady Loki might surpass him. With her unique coat, Asgardian decorations, and fantastic paint details, it's difficult to know where to start. 4 different add-ons elevate this figure from the generic sculpt. Firstly, the waistline of the figure is enhanced with a skirted piece that is purely Asgardian. The geometric designs harken back to days of the viking and Norse mythology. The thick belt draws the eye and the circular detail is a beautiful match to Thor himself. The skirt hangs down past her golden boot covers (the second add-on). Her golden wrist-guards (third) are shaped into points over her hands and, like her, are both dangerous and beautiful. The most dramatic element of this figure is her fur jacket. The scultping is detailed from front to back and the shape is so interesting. I've never seen a minimate with anything like it. Like most of the female minimates, Loki is given some painted clevage. The scale-like detailing down the front tops it off.

Lady Loki Minimate frontLady Loki Minimate back

Both figures have amazing head-pieces and expressions. Thor's long blond hair is tucked under a silver winged helmet. The front and back are outlined with raised detail to create a more authentic look. Minimate faces tend to be very similar but I love the thick blond brows and light blue eyes of this Thor. The painters have given him cheekbones and a chin that is quite a bit larger than the other mates I've reviewed. He even has a tiny nose!

Thor minimate

Lady Loki's sultry winged eyeliner, thin raised eyebrows, and  high cheekbones create a slightly sinister expression (which is perfectly apt). Her lips are similar to Rogue's but painted a shade darker. Her horns are painted a bright gold and given some great molding at her forehead. Her black hair is pulled forward and decorated with small gold balls. The waves in the hair give a unique texture. She's gorgeous. What more can I say?

Lady Loki Minimate

Even Mjolnir is given a little extra detail with a looped handle and some wear'n'tear built in. Score another one for Thor. These figures are the standard of what minimates can be. I need more!

Thor & Lady Loki
Thor & Lady Loki
I think we need a Lady Loki movie...

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