Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Future of Heroes (Future Hiro)

Yes folks, it's true. The television gods have heard our prayers and are bringing back a show from the depths of cancellation. Fans rejoice as we count down the days until the the 2015 release of...


It's hard to believe that out of all the beloved shows that were unceremoniously cancelled over the last few decades, Heroes in the one to defy the odds. Heroes: Reborn will be coming to our screens in 2015. It isn't known yet how it will be connected to the original, but insiders are speculating a brand new cast with brand new adventures. It's probably the best choice since...I have absolutely no idea how that series ended. I was as excited as the next person when we finally got an unabashed superhero program on network television (Smallville excluded). I enjoyed season one and survived the time travel madness of season 2 but, like many others, I finally gave up. It became a chore. It actually made m angry to watch. I was relieved when it was cancelled. Surprise! Now, it's back.

It was also surprising to find this under a few boxes in my closet.

I apparently own the 2008 Con Exclusive, Future Hiro action figure. Who knew?  I do tend to get caught up in my television (I own the entire set of Lost action figures) but it's funny to me that this is the only Heroes figure I have. Why Future Hiro? I guess marketing works.

NBC commissioned this line of toys from Mezco, which currently releases Breaking Bad, Axe Cop, and Living Dead Dolls. The Heroes figures are superbly detailed with incredible costumes and bare a striking resemblance to their actor counterparts.

Hiro Nakamura was played by Masi Oka and the likeness here is uncanny. The lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth give a sense of realism and emotion. The facial sculpt is amazing and the paint is really well done. Like many figures from this time, great care has been taken to colour and shade every single fold of clothing and create textures upon textures.

He's wearing a leather jacket over a zip-up sweater. Under that is a blue dress shirt. His pants are tight and black. Every pleat, pocket, and button  is molded.

You can see the incredible detail of the epaulets on his shoulders and the interesting texture of his sweater's collar. Strands of his hair are molded into a slick ponytail. Only the arms of this figure are articulated, with shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints. His hands are clenched in fist, ready to hold his Kensei sword. 

The sword and sheath have some great details of their own. The strap looks like leather and is wrapped like it was hand-made. The thin strap attaches to either end. The hilt is textured and embossed with the Heroes symbol (which I have forgotten the meaning of). The gold paint and slight curve of the blade create an impact. Hiro can easily brandish his sword and the sheath slips easily onto his back.

I love Hiro's boots. There is so much going on. The toes and heals are given a textured finish to look worn and dirty.  They're laced up the front through silver eyelets and tied in bows. The tops have a lovely, thick band (which his pants are tucked into) and a buckle fastens in the middle. It's ridiculous really.

Since there is no articulation in the legs, Hiro has a very difficult time standing on his own and I wish there was a stand included. Otherwise, it's a really nice figure...if only Heroes wasn't such a disappointment.

Who knows, maybe Heroes: Reborn will be everything we expected the first time around. It was ahead of the curve then, but now I fear that it's behind it. With the new Gotham show, Arrow, the Marvel Netflix projects, and Agents of Shield, will there be room in 2015 for Heroes? If nothing else, can we remind NBC that we're willing to buy fan-centric merchandise?

Please NBC. I just want Hannibal action figures. Will Graham with dog accessories? Hannibal with bonus Wendigo mask? I'm done with this shit Jack Crawford? NBC has had great merchandising deals before. Can we start a campaign?

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